UNSM Sustainability Guidebook Launched

On April 24, the Union of Nova Scotia Municipalities’ Municipal Sustainability Office launched a new guidebook – From Great Ideas to Great Communities – to help municipalities implement their Integrated Community Sustainability Plans (ICSPs). This unique guide is the first of its kind in Canada and will help municipalities to translate their long-term goals and ideas into meaningful action on the ground.

The guide demonstrates how municipalities can build a culture of sustainability and integrate sustainability goals and principles into their daily operations and decision-making. Designed to be practical and easy to use, it includes a seven-part framework for action, step-by-step guidance, and priority strategies and actions for moving forward with the implementation process.

“We want each and every one of our municipalities to be successful in reaching their sustainability goals, and we anticipate that this guide will serve as a roadmap to help them along the journey,” declares Councillor Frank Fawson, Municipality of the District of Lunenburg and Chair of UNSM’s Sustainable Practices Committee.

The guide was prepared by Chris Lindberg and his team at Golder Associates with support from Natural Step Canada. It draws on examples and resources from various municipalities in Nova Scotia and across Canada that have had success with implementing their ICSPs.

The guide and a wide variety of supporting resources are also available for download at www.sustainability-unsm.ca/icsp-implementation-guide-resources.html.

Funding for the guide was generously provided by Service Nova Scotia & Municipal Relations and the Union of Nova Scotia Municipalities’ Municipal Sustainability Office.

“From Great Ideas to Great Communities is an excellent resource for municipalities all across Canada,” says Carmen Bohn, the Manager of Capacity Building Programs at the Federation of Canadian Municipalities. “Community sustainability plans are complex and challenging to implement, and this guide provides a clear framework and process for municipalities to follow. I’m looking forward to sharing this with our members.”