UNSM Board of Director Outcomes from October 28 meeting

  1. UNSM Dues—At the Annual General Meeting, the Board will recommend the formula for UNSM dues remain unchanged for 2017.
  2. Mentorship Program—The Board approved a mentorship program for new councils.
  3. Standardized Expense Policy—The Board unanimously accepted the invitation from the province to work with Municipal Affairs and AMA on establishing a standardized expense policy for all municipalities
  4. Resolutions Policy—The Board will follow the new resolutions policy for the fall conference, but will consider suggestions to improve the policy and will seek further feedback following the conference
  5. Presentations from PVSC and Active Transportation Committee—The Board received presentations from PVSC on Open Data and the Active Transportation Committee and the Board will be working with both groups on their initiatives.
  6. Efficiency Nova Scotia Demand Side Management Advisory Group—The Board appointed Adam Hayter, Halifax, to the Efficiency Nova Scotia Demand Side Management Advisory Group
  7. Canmac Economics Outlook—The Board approved a subscription to Canmac Economics Outlook service, which will be shared with all municipalities.