UNSM Board of Director Outcomes from March 11 meeting


  1. The Board agreed to work with the Solid Waste Regional Chairs group on matters around solid waste and the engagement of the UNSM membership in the issues.
  2. CAP Update: The Board supported an engagement strategy around a review of the CAP involving the PVSC, AMA, UNSM and the province, as we now have commitment from the NDP and the Conservatives to serve on a review of the program
  3. Municipal Energy Learning Group: a proposal came from a number of municipalities to establish a group that would exchange information on municipal energy matters. The Board directed staff to host a one day session with those interested to gauge interest and to discuss opportunities to develop the concept. UNSM will pursue funding.
  4. UNSM supported an application for a summer student under the federal summer jobs program to develop a directory of funding programs for municipal projects and initiatives.
  5. Advocacy Days: the Board decided to host a breakfast of MLAs to garner attention to UNSM's willingness to work with the province on common priorities. The breakfast was held April 6, and there were some 15 MLAs plus their executive assistants who attended. Five Ministers and the leaders of the Conservative and NDP parties participated.