UNSM Board of Director Outcomes from January 22 meeting


  1. Accessibility Legislation: The Province is aiming to introduce legislation in the Fall that will establish the framework for developing standards and regulations around accessibility. Both the Province and municipalities will be impacted by the legislation. As UNSM has been pushing for involvement in the development of regulations prior to them being announced, the UNSM Board agreed to establish a joint provincial-municipal committee to: a) develop and implement a municipal education and awareness plan around the intended legislation; and b) develop and implement an engagement strategy allowing municipalities to provide advice on how the outcomes of the intended legislation can be achievable in the municipal sector. UNSM will be issuing a call for an elected member from each of the caucuses to serve on the committee.
  2. Caucus Structure: The Board discussed this issue, as the impact of recent dissolutions is changing the way municipalities view themselves. There continues to be concerns raised by some of our members. Staff are preparing a report for the next meeting on this issue, focusing on how to build a stronger voice for UNSM.
  3. CAP Update: The CAP continues to distort the market based assessment system. Currently 75 per cent of residential properties are now capped. Ten years after its introduction, it is impacting those wanting to buy or home or to downsize. The Province does not see the CAP as a priority. The UNSM, PVSC and AMANS will be developing a strategy for the next board meeting.
  4. Fire Services Study: The Province had undertaken a review of fire services from their perspective. In order to gain the municipal perspective, the Province is providing funding for UNSM and AMANS to hire a consultant to meet with municipalities, to identify fire issues and opportunities, and to make some recommendations on fire services. Provincial staff are finalizing the terms of reference.
  5. Advocacy: UNSM will be writing the provincial and federal ministers of finance regarding municipal priorities and concerns.
  6. Appointments: Warden Aldric d'Entremont, District of Argyle, and Councillor Eldon MacDonald, CBRM, were appointed to the Active Transportation Committee
  7. UNSM Events: Mark your calendars. More information to follow:
  • February 19 - Climate Change Workshop, Dartmouth
  • April 14 - Forestry Workshop
  • April 14-15 - CAO-CEO Forum
  • May 4 - Structural Change Workshop, Old Orchard Inn
  • May 4-6 - UNSM Spring Workshop, Old Orchard Inn
  • Caucus and regional meetings are being planned.