UNSM Board of Director Outcomes from February 26 and March 20 meetings

  • The UNSM will request funding from Municipal Affairs to offer a series of municipal government sessions across the province leading up to the 2016 municipal elections. UNSM staff will develop election campaign materials and post on UNSM website.
  • The Province will be establishing an interdepartmental working group to engage diverse communities leading up to the 2016 municipal elections. UNSM staff will be represented on this committee.
  • The UNSM to write a letter of support to the Community Services Minister to update the Children and Family Services Act. For a copy of the letter, click here:
  • The UNSM Board will be having a one-day workshop on April 27 to discuss the key priorities to be included in a municipal-provincial partnership agreement.
  • The Province will be proposing several changes to fire services. The UNSM Board wants to ensure municipalities have an opportunity to comment on any recommendations put forward.
  • The UNSM to write the Trans Canada Trail organization recommending trails throughout the Annapolis Valley and South Shore be placed on their mapping system, and that a notice be sent to municipalities alerting them to how their trails can be added to the mapping system.
  • UNSM staff will provide a summary report of the outcomes from the regional meetings including recommendations on how to move forward. This will be shared with the membership