UNSM Board of Director Outcomes from December 4 meeting

  • The Board agreed to send a letter of support for the AT Policy Framework.
  • The Board approved Active Transportation Committee’s Terms of Reference to include two Elected Officials. An Expression of Interest to serve on the Active Transportation Committee will be sent out to the Membership in the near future.
  • The Board approved meeting dates for 2016.
  • The Board asked to see supporting documents of a PVSC Board member which PVSC is asking for re-appointment. The selection will be approved via e-mail from the Board.
  • The Board approved that UNSM staff work with PVSC and AMA to develop a communications strategy around the CAP with a view to providing support material for elected officials and materials to help the public understand the issues.
  • The Board approved the Budget for 2016. There will be no increase in the total dues collected, but individual municipalities may see an increase or decrease based on the formula.