UNSM Board of Director Outcomes from August 22 Meeting

  • New Partnership agreement with the Province - The President, Past President and Vice President reported on their recent meeting with the Minister of Municipal Affairs, Mark Furey. The purpose of the meeting was to explore the concept of a new partnership agreement that would establish a new foundation for municipal-provincial relations. The Minister expressed strong support for a new agreement, and work has begun to develop the process under which the agreement will be developed. The Board discussed the basic principles that might underline the agreement, and the financial constraints evident at both the provincial and municipal levels.  Stay tuned.
  • One-year notice letter - The Board discussed the issue of the one-year notice letter received from Municipal Affairs, and directed a letter be sent back to the Minister expressing the view the notice does not provide enough information to allow municipalities to appropriately plan for future expenses. To access the letter, click here.
  • CAP - The Board discussed the issue of the CAP. The Minister indicated that while he will not initiate a review of the CAP, he would respond to a proposal resolving the issue. To this end, UNSM will work with Cape Consulting to explore interest and support from other stakeholders for a possible solution. This work will be undertaken this Fall.
  • NS Department of Environment Engagement - The Board passed a motion not to reinstate the Municipal-Provincial Joint Advisory Group on Water and Wastewater (MPJAG). The Board agreed a more comprehensive strategy needs to be developed between UNSM, AMA and the Province regarding how environmental regulations impacting municipalities can be implemented in a more reasonable and coordinated way taking into consideration municipal affordability. UNSM has requested a meeting with the Minister to discuss the issues and this letter. To access the letter to the Environment Minister, click here.
  • Permanent Resident Voting Status - The Board agreed to support Halifax's position that those granted permanent residency status be permitted to vote in municipal elections.
  • Cape Breton Rail Line - The Board agreed to write a letter in support of maintaining the rail line on Cape Breton Island. This rail line is a critical piece of infrastructure for the province.
  • Shared Property Assessment Executive Authority - Given that the Province is no longer a member of the PVSC Board, the PVSC is changing its former Property Innovation Council to the Shared Property Assessment Executive Authority. The new body will consist of PVSC, AMA and UNSM members. The UNSM Board will be a co-sponsor with the PVSC in their new structure.