UNSM Announcements--Fall 2016

UNSM Mentoring Program for Municipal Elected Officials

UNSM’s mentoring program supports the need to pass valuable knowledge and experience from veteran councillors to those recently elected. This one-to-one relationship involves occasional face-to-face meetings, telephone conversations, texts and emails.

The purpose of the program is to provide additional opportunities for networking and personal and professional development among municipal elected officials. The program aims to advance the personal and professional development of both the mentor and mentee.

Administration for the program is handled by the UNSM office.

Click here for the link to the UNSM Mentoring Program Guide—November 2016


UNSM Member Handbook

UNSM recently launched a Handbook for its Members. Here is the link to the Handbook.


Econometric Model on the Nova Scotia Economy (provided by Canmac Economics)

UNSM is positioning itself to be a prime resource for municipalities, and to encourage municipalities to use evidence-based resources. CANMAC Economics has developed an econometric model on the Nova Scotia economy, used by the provincial Department of Finance because of its strong foundation and integrity. CANMAC has built an extension of the model which allows it to forecast a number of variables of interest to municipalities:


  • at the economic region level (Southern, Annapolis Valley, Halifax, North Shore and Cape Breton Island)
  • population growth
  • labour force growth
  • employment growth
  • Economic output, with information about major investments
  • industry strength
  • at the provincial level
  • industry outlooks (GDP, average weekly wages, employment)
  • overall estimates of CPI, GDP, unemployment rates, information on economic drivers
  • impact of federal stimulus program
  • population, male and female
  • household consumption
  • personal income and wages

Here is the link to the Reports that have been made available to our members.