Towns Task Force

The Towns Task Force was established by the UNSM and Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations in conjunction with the Association of Municipal Administrators, Nova Scotia. Its purpose is to make recommendations that will address the myriad of challenges facing Nova Scotia towns. A draft report has been circulated to all 54 municipalities with the final recommendations presented at the UNSM Fall Conference in September 2012.

The Task Force consists of ten members−six representatives from the UNSM, three from the Province and one from AMANS. UNSM members shall include the Town Caucus Chair (who shall serve as Task Force Chair), Rural Caucus Chair, Regional Caucus Chair, and three additional members (two from towns and one from a rural municipality) selected by the UNSM Board of Directors from the general membership. A working group comprised of municipal and provincial staff provides advice to the Task Force.

Economic Development Sub-Committee Summary Report--Final

Government and Dispute Resolution Sub-Committee Report--Final

Land-Use Planning Sub-Committee Summary Report--Final

Regional Service Delivery Sub-Committee Summary Report--Final

Letter To Minister Furey, re Sending Three Towns Task Force Sub-Committees Summary Reports


Towns Task Force Report--FINAL Recommendations--September 2012 (356 kB)

Letter from Minister MacDonell Town Task Force Implementation (28 kB)

Municipal Towns Task Force Report (756 kB)


Towns Task Force Update--from DMA (March 24, 2015)