Sustainability & ICSPs

A Guide for Implementing Integrated Community Sustainability Plan (2013)

Every municipality in Nova Scotia has prepared an integrate community sustainability plan (ICSP) which presents a long-term vision for their future. Now each is faced with the daunting task of translating their long-term goals and ideas into meaningful action on the ground. UNSM’s Municipal Sustainability Office has developed a guidebook - From Great Ideas To Great Communities - A Guide For Implementing ICSPs- to help municipalities with this task.

The purpose of the guidebook is to help Nova Scotia municipalities effectively implement their ICSPs. It outlines how to build a culture of sustainability and integrate sustainability goals and principles into everyday municipal decision-making. Designed to be practical and easy to use, the guide includes a seven-part framework for action, step-by-step guidance, and priority strategies and actions. It includes examples and resources from various Nova Scotia and Canadian communities that have had success with implementing their ICSPs.

The main components of the guidebook include:

  • Quick Reference: Explains how to use the guide, provides an overview of the framework and navigation tools and includes a set of “quick start” actions for implementation.
  • Framework for Implementation: Outlines common challenges with moving from planning to implementation and introduces the guide’s seven-part framework for action.
  • Leading Practices: Provides a detailed set of leading practice examples, tools and ideas for each of the seven implementation action areas (vision, govern, engage, plan, act, manage and report).
  • Using the Framework: Presents a set of priority actions for getting started, provides a road-map of ongoing implementations tasks and outlines the different roles of staff and elected officials.
  • Tools & Resources: Presents links to online resources, case-studies and tools, and includes a quick reference summary table of all of the leading practices in the guide. All of the tools and resources in the guide are also found here.

From Great Ideas to Great Communities was prepared by Chris Lindberg and his team at Golder Associates Ltd. with John Purkis of The Natural Step Canada. Funding was generously provided by Service Nova Scotia & Municipal Relations and UMSM’s Municipal Sustainability Office.

Municipal Climate Change Mitigation Plan Guide (2012)

UNSM’s Municipal Sustainability Office developed the Municipal Climate Change Mitigation Plan Guide - FINAL (Jan 16 2012) to assist municipalities identify and implement strategic measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from their daily operations. The guide is modular in nature and can be used to meet the minimum requirements under the Gas Tax Funding Agreement or to develop a more comprehensive mitigation plan.