PVSC - January-February 2016

PVSC Awarded IPTI Certification

The International Property Tax Institute (IPTI) has completed its certification review of the Property Valuation Services Corporation (PVSC), Nova Scotia, in terms of its appraisal outcomes and business processes and procedures.

IPTI examined the following areas of PVSC’s core valuation business:

1. Statistical Review of Assessment Outcomes
2. Policy and Procedure Review
3. Statutory and Communication Review
4. Special/Unique Properties Review
5. Quality Framework/Business Improvement Review

As the worlds’ leading organization on property tax policy and practice, IPTI is well qualified to evaluate and make meaningful conclusions regarding assessment jurisdictions worldwide.

IPTI used the International Association of Assessing Officers (IAAO) standards in making these judgements along with its considerable experience in the field of mass appraisal.
It is IPTI’s professional opinion, based on its expertise and objective evaluation in terms of best practices for assessment jurisdictions that PVSC has achieved what IPTI considers to be a very good level of certification, achieving a total score of 89.5% out of a possible 100%.

It is IPTI’s professional opinion that PVSC has been compliant in terms of property valuation
as mandated by s. 42(1) of the Nova Scotia Assessment Act, RS, c23. s1 (as amended) and
with IAAO standards for mass appraisal. Based on its review, IPTI has confidence in PVSC’s ability to produce and provide a quality assessment roll for municipal units throughout Nova Scotia and for individual property owners in the Province.

For a full copy of the report, click the following link: http://www.pvsc.ca/site/media/PVSC/Documents/PVSC%20Certification%20Report%20with%20Addenda%20FV.pdf