Provincial Issues--March-April 2016

Legislation Allows Halifax Regional Municipality to Create Campaign Finance By-Laws

Amendments to the Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) Charter were introduced on April 15th to allow the municipality to create campaign finance bylaws.

This change will give HRM the authority to create bylaws, rather than embedding them in the charter.

HRM is the only municipality in the province where candidates raise enough campaign funds to require these kinds of bylaws. Provisions related to campaign financing in the Municipal Elections Act will continue to apply to HRM and all other municipalities in the province. They include requirements for reporting campaign contributions.

HRM's power to create campaign finance bylaws will apply only to municipal elections, not school board elections.


Amendments to Motor Vehicle Act, re Use of Personal Transporters on Roadways and Sidewalks

Ms. Janice Hartland, Director of Road Safety with Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal, has asked that the following information be provided to the UNSM Membership:

Amendments have been made to the Motor Vehicle Act that will allow the use of personal transporters on roads in the province. A personal transporter is defined as “a self-balancing electric vehicle with two side-by-side wheels and designed for the personal transportation of a single person and, for greater certainty, includes a Segway”.

The amendments were passed in the fall 2015 sitting of the Nova Scotia Legislature and are proposed to be proclaimed into law on May 1, 2016. The changes are the result of a provincial pilot project which trialed the use of Segways in Halifax, Truro and Chester.

Click here for a summary sheet with important and relevant details of the amendments; here is the link to the legislation as it was passed in December 2015: 


Two sections of the new law would likely be of particular interest to individual municipal units:

172 B (1) A personal transporter shall not be operated (d) on a specified sidewalk or roadway within a municipality if not part of a highway to which the Public Highways Actapplies and prohibited by municipal by- law

172 B (2) Where a sidewalk or roadway within a municipality is not part of a highway to which the Public Highways Act applies, the municipality may make a by-law prohibiting the operation of a personal transporter on that sidewalk or roadway


The Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal will be notifying law enforcement through our partners at the Department of Justice.