Province Reviews Delivery of Compressed Natural Gas

Province Reviews Delivery of Compressed Natural Gas

The province is doing a review that could lead to more customers in Nova Scotia having access to the benefits of natural gas, Minister of Energy Charlie Parker announced on April 18.

New technology makes it more economical to deliver compressed natural gas by truck to areas not served by the province's pipeline system. The review will help such deliveries happen.

Natural gas distribution regulations in Nova Scotia grant Heritage Gas exclusive pipeline deliveries in defined areas. However, the regulations are not clear whether compressed natural gas is included.

External consultant Bill Lahey will lead a focused review of market and regulatory conditions and recommend how a compressed natural gas industry in Nova Scotia should operate. Mr. Lahey is an associate law professor at Dalhousie University, and former deputy minister of Environment and Labour. He has experience with energy-related issues throughout the province, and serves on the board of directors of the Efficiency Nova Scotia Corporation.

The province will propose regulatory or legislative changes, based on recommendations of the review.

The review will take place over the next few weeks and include meetings with potential proponents and customers. A white paper outlining the options being considered is available at Nova Scotia Department of Energy – Compressed Natural Gas Consultation April 2012 (PDF).  Written comments will be accepted until May 11.