Province Approves Pugwash Wind Farm Project

The province granted an environmental assessment approval to North Cumberland Wind Power LP. If the project goes ahead, up to 10,000 Nova Scotian homes will have access to the 33 megawatt wind project.

Environment Minister Sterling Belliveau made the announcement on, March 27. The project must still go through the competitive bidding process under the Renewable Electricity Administrator.

Highlights of the environmental assessment include:

  • monitoring and mitigating potential impacts to wildlife
  • strict limits on noise levels and proximity to residences 
  • creating controls for erosion and sedimentation and a monitoring program for surface water
  • completing a Mi'kmaq ecological knowledge study
  • restoring the habitat to its original state when the site is decommissioned
  • establishing a community liaison committee to address community concerns.

Electricity generation from coal now accounts for 57 per cent of the province's electricity mix, down from 80 per cent. With the increase in local renewable energy development, that will be reduced to 40 per cent by 2020.

North Cumberland Wind Power LP registered its environmental assessment on Feb. 6. After a 30-day consultation, the Minister of Environment had 50 days to issue a decision.

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