ICSPs are broad plans that impact all aspects of municipal operations and planning. Consequently, to implement their ICSPs, local governments have to systematically integrate sustainability goals and priorities into their new and existing plans and planning processes. This includes the full range of community plans (e.g. land-use, economic development, parks and recreation) as well as strategic and departmental plans. The guide summarizes the leading practice for Plan as: Integrate sustainability goals and priorities into new and existing plans.

Below are links to the tools, case studies and examples mentioned in the guide. UNSM's Municipal Sustainability Office invites municipalities wishing to share their own resources and tools on this page to submit them by email to .

Sustainable Cities Institute “One Stop Shop”

The Sustainable Cities Institute is a dynamic online platform of sustainability resources maintained by the National League of Cities in the United States. It includes a comprehensive and extensive collection of case studies, city profiles, model RFPs (requests for proposals), model policies and legislation, and reports and guides all organized by 11 sustainability themes.

Provincial Sustainability Planning Resource Hubs

Various provinces offer comprehensive websites on municipal sustainability planning, including:

  • Smart Planning for Communities (SPC) is a BC-wide collaborative initiative to assist local governments and First Nations communities with addressing their long-term sustainability challenges by providing resources and tools for planning socially, culturally, economically and environmentally sustainable communities. The SPC is delivered by the Fraser Basin Council, and its website hosts a variety of tools and case studies.

Best Practice Guides

Many sustainability best practice planning guides have been developed, a few of which are listed below:

  • The Canadian Institute of Planners maintains a Healthy Communities Information Gateway that includes a Healthy Communities Practice Guide that touches on issues such as age-friendly communities, active transportation and community design.
  • West Coast Environmental Law maintains a Smart Bylaws Guide, composed of nine interconnected tools, to assist local governments to implement smart growth strategies through policy and bylaw changes.
  • The STAR Communities Rating System provides a comprehensive set of goals, standards and indicators for municipalities. It was developed with input from dozens of municipalities in the United States and Canada, and its technical guide is available free for download.