Other-January-February 2015

Communities in Bloom - Communities in Bloom invites municipalities to participate in this program. Since 1995, communities have recognized numerous benefits from participating in the program including:

Economic Benefits - best practices and information exchange, valuable information and feedback from the judges, marketing and promotional opportunities, positive benefits for the tourism, hospitality and retail industries

Social Benefits - increased civic pride and community involvement, mobilization of citizens, groups, businesses and municipality working together, participation from all ages and walks of life learning more about their community, information exchanges with provincial, national and international communities, improved quality of life

Environmental Stewardship through the Enhancement of Green Spaces - reducing soil erosion, improving air quality, responsible use of water

For further information on Communities in Bloom, please contact:
Nova Scotia CIB, C/O TIANS
2089 Maitland Street, Halifax, NS B3K 2Z8
Tel.: 902 423-4480 Fax: 902 422-0184 Email:

Or visit us online to download a registration form and participation guide: http://novascotiacommunitiesinbloom.org/cib-nova-scotia/program-participation/

The Startup 100
- Here's a way to help young people in your community - you can help get the word out!  The Startup 100 is helping 100 students launch 100 businesses in 100 days across 50 communities in Nova Scotia. We help students take their idea to launch in 100 days, giving them a viable business opportunity by June 1st.

Students in the program will:

  • Participate in online training modules taught by industry experts
  • Network with 99 other student entrepreneurs
  • Gain access to top mentors in their community
  • Receive free consulting and coaching from Enactus Saint Mary’s students
  • Take part in a flagship program to put on your resume
  • Access up to $5,000 in interest free funding (10% grant)

So far there are 55 students signed up from 26 communities from across the province.  

Interested participants can get more information at by visiting their website.