Other Issues - September-October 2015

UNSM Annual Conference, November 3-6, 2015

The theme for this year’s conference is “Building Communities: Culture, Diversity, Prosperity". Presentations related to this theme include Engaging Today's Seniors, Engaging Youth in Municipal Government, Engaging Diverse Communities, Women in Local Government, and Supporting the Creative Economy. The keynote address will be given by Dave Meslin on "the Fourth Wall", focussing on ways to improve the disconnect between politicians and citizens. Premier Stephen McNeil will be providing remarks on behalf of the Province. A Minister's Panel will provide municipal officials with the opportunity to ask questions of various provincial ministers. The Federation of Canadian Municipalities will also provide an update to the membership. Other interesting sessions include the Role of Municipalities in Housing, Municipal Alcohol Policy Guide, Extended Producer Responsibility, and Asset Management.

Municipal Awareness Week - November 16-22, 2015
Municipalities touch everyone in the community in so many ways, yet oftentimes the services we provide are invisible, taken as a given. As you turn on the water, drive on the street, walk in a park, etc. you don't often think about how this is made possible. This is an important opportunity to raise the awareness of all that you do!