Nova Scotia's Coyote Pelt Incentive Extended Three Years

The Province is extending the pelt incentive part of its plan to make families and communities safer from aggressive coyote behaviour.

The pelt incentive program is designed to change aggressive coyote behaviour. The program encourages licensed trappers to harvest coyotes by offering an incentive of $20 per pelt during the regular trapping season, Oct. 15 to March 31. It has been in place since fall 2010 and has been extended by three years.

Biologists say more trappers catching coyotes may help change the behaviour of the coyote population by reinforcing the animals' natural instinct to avoid people.

The Province brought in the four-part plan to help make people safer from coyotes. Natural Resources released educational materials province-wide, trained 13 trappers to target aggressive coyotes in selected areas, hired a wildlife conflict biologist, and implemented the pelt incentive program.

People can learn more about the plan and download Be Coyote Smart educational materials at