Input Welcome

MGA Review - In September and October the Province held regional sessions to discuss the upcoming MGA review. The purpose of these sessions was to explain the process being undertaken for the review and to provide ways to identify issues and opportunities for change in the way municipalities operate. You are invited to submit issues you would like explored through the review. As an individual, you are welcome to provide comments through the review website,, until November 9, 2015. Councils are also welcome to submit views, and there will be more opportunities as the work progresses.

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Workshop - October 23. The UNSM held an EPR workshop on October 23 with 85 participants in attendance. During the workshop, the Environment Minister announced that if it moves forward on EPR for the collection and processing of paper and packaging, it will be the full model. This means industry will fund 100 per cent of the costs but also maintain control. Workshop presentations including the Minister's remarks may be found here.  You are encouraged to learn as much about this issue as you can - it is an opportunity for municipalities, with industry, to improve the way recyclables are dealt with, and to reduce the costs to the taxpayer. It does shift the cost to industry and consumers, the impacts of which may need to be mitigated. There are still lots of questions and UNSM will continue to post information on our website to help guide you through the possible changes.