Gas Tax Fund

As of April 2015, UNSM has been providing support to the Department of Municipal Affairs to administer the 2014-24 Gas Tax Fund (GTF) agreement, focusing its efforts on requirements for communications, project innovation/best practices and training tools. With the renewed GTF agreements, Infrastructure Canada has increased its communications protocol and has indicated a strong interest in public events and announcements to acknowledge federal contributions to GTF projects. Recognizing the importance of communications, it is UNSM’s intent to work with municipalities to raise the profile of local GTF initiatives, making a strong case for continued (and possibly enhanced) federal support.

The information provided here correlates to the three areas of focus (communications, project innovation/best practices and training tools) and includes, for the most part, resources and information developed by UNSM. Municipalities are encouraged to visit the Department of Municipal Affairs  for the full range of GTF information and resources.