FCM--March-April 2016

Board Positions--Deadline for Submissions

Deadline for submission of consent forms for Board member positions is May 17, 2016

This year the 3rd vice President will be from the Atlantic Region - Councillor Bill Karsten, Halifax, has put his name forward, so we encourage all those coming to the FCM annual conference to support him. Bill has served on the UNSM Board for years, and has a good understanding of the challenges and opportunities in the province.

The FCM conference in Winnipeg will have a stream of programs for rural municipalities.


Leadership in Brownfield Renewal: The Leadership in Brownfield Renewal (LiBRe) program is a network of Canadian municipalities that are committed to bringing brownfield sites back into productive use. Offered through FCM's Green Municipal Fund (GMF), the program aims to help municipal practitioners develop knowledge and skills to facilitate brownfield redevelopment. By joining LiBRe, participants will connect with their peers to better understand, navigate and reduce barriers to brownfield redevelopment. More information is available on the FCM website.

New FCM Programs Being Developed on Asset Management and Climate Change Resilience: The federal government has announced two new programs with FCM. $50 million is being provided to develop and implement infrastructure asset management planning practices and to support more reliable and comprehensive data collection on infrastructure assets. Another $75 million is being made available to support enhanced municipal planing for climate change resilience. The fund will include funding to support municipal projects to identify and implement greenhouse gas reduction opportunities, assess climate risks, and integrate climate change impacts into asset management planning processes. Details on the programs will be coming from FCM.