FCM Issues--November-December 2015

Nova Scotia Board members (Councillor Claire Detheridge, Councillor Bill Karsten, Mayor Dave Corkum and Councillor Tom Taggart) attended the November FCM Board meeting in Ottawa. The support members gave FCM during the federal election campaign was acknowledged as the FCM successfully earned commitments from all parties to support municipal priorities. FCM has prepared a proposed action plan for the new government's first 100 days of government. The plan is available on the FCM website: www.fcm.ca. Also on the website are two new documents, one on climate change and resiliency, and one on encouraging women to become engaged in local government.

FCM is working hard on the Syrian refugee crisis, and Mayor Mike Savage is co-chairing their Task Force on refugee settlement.

The 2016 FCM Annual Conference in Winnipeg will offer specific sessions of interest to rural communities.