FCM Issues--December 2014


As part of its Advocacy Days in Ottawa (18-21 November), FCM launched its #HOMETOWNPROUD campaign. FCM’s goal with this campaign is to enlist the support of Canadians to start a conversation about hometowns and offer solutions to hometown issues. The Hometown Proud Campaign serves as the building phase for supporters who will be invited to participate in our Election Readiness Strategy.

The campaign launched Tuesday, November 18, and kicks-off with a contest to encourage Canadians to share their stories and photos. Through the support of Air Canada, the winner of the contest will win two tickets to bring a loved one home. The contest runs until January 13, 2015. Your active involvement through twitter will help make this campaign a huge success.

Specifically, we are asking that you support the launch of the campaign in three ways:


    1. Register for the campaign on the website (hometownproud.fcm.ca) and share your hometown proud story and photo.
    2. Tweet about the campaign to your followers
    3. Make use of the tools provided to help promote the Hometown Proud Campaign in your hometowns. These tools include a PowerPoint presentation on the campaign for you to use to spread the word, a few digital images you can post to your websites to link people directly to the campaign website, and a templated earned media article that you can customize and share with your local media. (http://www.fcm.ca/home/about-us/tools-to-help-promote-hometownproud.htm?_cldee=Ym1hY2RvbmFsZEB1bnNtLmNh)