E-News Bulletin--October--In This Issue

President's Remarks - This is my last e-news bulletin as UNSM President. While we have accomplished a great deal this year in completing a number of key initiatives, it has also been a challenging one for most municipalities. When I began as President, I set two specific goals: I wanted to gain more recognition for UNSM, and encourage municipalities to become more open to change, as it is coming whether we like it or not. The One Nova Scotia report has drawn attention to the latter, and the new Fiscal Report supports it. The guiding principal for me is fairness - we need to support each other in a fair manner, not just focus on what is good for your own municipality. The Towns Task Force motto stated "we need to think with our heads, not our hearts". This is sage advice which will be required as we move forward.  

I would like to thank Minister Furey and staff from Municipal Affairs for working with us. A special thank you to the UNSM Board of Directors, our outstanding staff, and you, the members of UNSM - it has been a year full of enjoyment and I hope to show you some appreciation at our upcoming fall conference.

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President's Activities

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