E-News Bulletin--March-April 2016-In This Issue

In this issue:

  • Update on Board of Directors
  • UNSM Board Report - March 11, 2016
  • Upcoming Workshops/Events
  • UNSM’s Gas Tax Fund Project Spotlights
  • Federal Issues
  • FCM
  • Provincial Issues
  • Other Issues
  • Railway Proximity Guidelines
  • Articles - New Decision may Limit Prosecution of Historical Bylaw Offences - Cox & Palmer
  • Articles—Risk Management Considerations – Frank Cowan Company
  • Obituaries

President's Activities

For a list of the President's activities over the past month, click here.

Update on UNSM Board of Directors
UNSM Board of Director Outcomes from January meeting
Upcoming Workshops/Events/Initiatives
Provincial Issues
Federal Issues
Other Announcements