E-News Bulletin--December 2016-In This Issue

In this issue:

  • UNSM Board Report 
  • Upcoming Workshops/Events/Initiatives
  • UNSM Announcements
  • UNSM’s Gas Tax Fund Project Spotlights
  • Provincial Issues: Municipal Advisors
  • Federal Issues:  A Framework for the Legalization and Regulation of Cannabis in Canada, CRTC Establishes Fund to Attain New High-Speed Targets 
  • FCM:  FCM-Nova Scotia Board Members Update, Government of Canada Releases Details on New Rural Broadband Program, Statement by FCM President Clark Somerville on Quebec's Recognition of the Status of Municipalities as Local Governments, FCM Releases How-to Guide to Welcoming Refugees
  • Articles:  The CAO and Council: Leading Down, Out and Up - Kevin Latimer, Q.C. and Brittany Larsen, Articled Clerk, Cox & Palmer
  • Other Announcements: Annapolis County Moves to Improve Internet Capacity



President's Activities

For a list of the President's activities over the past months, click here.

Update on UNSM Board of Directors
UNSM Board of Director Outcomes from January meeting
Upcoming Workshops/Events/Initiatives
Provincial Issues
Federal Issues
Other Announcements