Disaster Planning--Canadian Red Cross

Disasters are not something you plan for, but they are happening with increasing frequency and severity in our province.  In the last decade, significant disasters such as hurricanes, floods and forest fires have forced people from their homes and communities, destroying houses, damaging property and turning lives upside down. In Nova Scotia, the Canadian Red Cross cares for hundreds of individuals and families following disasters like house and apartment fires each year. But, depending on the scope of disasters that occur, the Red Cross must be prepared to support thousands of people at a time. Whether a disaster is confined to a single family home or apartment or affects an entire community, the result is the same. People are displaced, their precious possessions are lost and they are left vulnerable. 

This is why the Canadian Red Cross has embarked on an ambitious campaign to raise $3,000,000 to establish a Center of Excellence in Disaster Management. This Center will serve to train volunteers from across the province in the skills they need to manage all types of disaster responses. On March 13th, the province of Nova Scotia announced its support of this initiative with an $800,000 contribution and more than a dozen corporations and individuals have also pledge their support, bringing the campaign to 75% of its goal. Now the Red Cross needs the support of municipalities from across the province to help too.

We all know that the Red Cross volunteers are there for our municipalities whenever disaster strikes. Our support to this campaign will provide our communities with more Red Cross volunteers and more training for all Red Cross volunteers so that when a disaster strikes, and it will, we are better prepared to help our citizens prepare, respond and recover.