Dalhousie University Graduate Student Projects - Call for Partner Organizations

Every fall Dalhousie University's Faculty of Management offers an innovative graduate class called Management Without Borders (MWB). Each year our students are asked to work on group projects with host organizations from across Nova Scotia. This exercise provides students with the chance to apply the theory / skills they learn in class to real-world challenges. For partner organizations this is an excellent opportunity to have creative, bright and determined graduate students take on a project that would benefit your organization.

Jenny Baechler, course coordinator for Management Without Borders, is currently searching for organizations that would be interested in partnering on these annual MWB student projects.

As MWB students are all in graduate management programs the course aims to provide them with projects that will give them the opportunity to develop and hone technical management skills and/or explore topics at a level appropriate for graduate students.  Each project team is composed of students from a diverse set of programs (business administration, information and library studies, public administration, marine management, and resource & environmental management); consequently, appropriate projects are those that require the mobilization of multiple skill sets. Ideally, the course seeks to include host organizations that cover a wide range of specialties. A list of potential project topics includes (but is not limited to):

  • program evaluation
  • policy recommendations
  • marketing & communication plans
  • feasibility assessments
  • general research, synthesis and recommendations -strategic plans -workshop development

Please find attached an executive brief which provides an overview of the MWB group projects. Projects begin on the first day of class, September 7, and must be wrapped up by December 7, 2012. In order for projects to be included in the 2012 MWB course, initial project deas and/or expressions of interest by host organizations should be submitted to Jenny no later than Monday, June 25.

For more information on working with one of the MWB student groups or to discuss any preliminary questions you may have, please contact:

Jenny Baechler
Management Without Borders Course Coordinator
Faculty of Management