County of Kings Takes Action to Eliminate Racism and Discrimination

The  Municipality of the County of Kings is developing an action plan to eliminate racism and discrimination in Kings County.

The County of King’s Race Relations and Anti-Discrimination Committee (RRADC) has contracted Horizons Community Development Associates  to help develop the action plan. Horizons, with assistance by Dr. Wanda Thomas Bernard, gathered input by facilitating a community session on September 6.

In February of 2008, Kings County Council formally approved a Declaration to join the Canadian Coalition of Municipalities against Racism and Discrimination (CCMARD) - part of a larger United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) initiative. The Committee’s Chair, Warden Diana Brothers,  brought the UNESCO initiative to Council after the Federation of Canadian Municipalities conference in Calgary in 2006.

The approved committee was named the Race Relations & Anti-Discrimination Committee. The function  of the RRADC  is to engage the community and formulate an action plan to address issues concerning social  marginalization, equity, racism  and  discrimination broadly within the County. Among the Committee’s other initiatives includes the annual RRADC Celebration of Multiculturalism and Inclusion.

For further information contact:

Lynette MacLeod Municipality of the County of Kings 902-690-6133