County of Kings Continues to Work on Eliminating Racism and Discrimination

The County of King's work on race relations and anti-discrimination formally began in 2008 when the Municipality adopted a declaration to join the Canadian Coalition of Municipalities against Racism (CCMARD) - part of a larger United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) initiative.  

County of Kings Warden Diana Brothers, Chair of the Municipality's Race Relations & Anti-Discrimination Committee (RRADC), brought the UNESCO initiative to Council after the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) conference in Calgary in 2006. The approved committee was named the Race Relations & Anti-Discrimination Committee.

The function of the RRADC  is to engage the community and formulate an action plan, as outlined in the committee’s Terms of Reference, to begin addressing issues concerning social marginalization, equity, racism and discrimination broadly within the County.

In October 2012, the County of Kings released the completed Action Plan for Ending Racism & Discrimination. The Action Plan is the first of its kind in the Province of Nova Scotia. The Action Plan provides a work plan to help guide the future actions and work of the RRADC and the Municipality of the County of Kings, as Council, staff, and the RRADC continue their work to eliminate racism and discrimination in the County of Kings.

The RRADC is also involved with organizing and hosting an annual event (this will be the 5th year) that showcases a variety of cultures through song and dance, and also includes a keynote speaker. The RRADC has also hosted a Freedom of Expression travelling exhibit (UNESCO) and has organized a number of training exercises and seminars for Council, staff, and the public.  

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