E-News Bulletin--March-April 2015-In This Issue (2)

In this issue:

•    President's Activities
•    UNSM Board of Director Outcomes from February 26 and March 6 meeting
•    Upcoming Workshops/Events/Initiatives
•    Provincial Issues
•    Federal Issues
•    FCM
•    Other


President's Activities

For a list of the President's activities over the past month, click here.

UNSM Board of Director Outcomes from February 26 and March 20 meetings

  • The UNSM will request funding from Municipal Affairs to offer a series of municipal government sessions across the province leading up to the 2016 municipal elections. UNSM staff will develop election campaign materials and post on UNSM website.
  • The Province will be establishing an interdepartmental working group to engage diverse communities leading up to the 2016 municipal elections. UNSM staff will be represented on this committee.
  • The UNSM to write a letter of support to the Community Services Minister to update the Children and Family Services Act. For a copy of the letter, click here:
  • The UNSM Board will be having a one-day workshop on April 27 to discuss the key priorities to be included in a municipal-provincial partnership agreement.
  • The Province will be proposing several changes to fire services. The UNSM Board wants to ensure municipalities have an opportunity to comment on any recommendations put forward.
  • The UNSM to write the Trans Canada Trail organization recommending trails throughout the Annapolis Valley and South Shore be placed on their mapping system, and that a notice be sent to municipalities alerting them to how their trails can be added to the mapping system.
  • UNSM staff will provide a summary report of the outcomes from the regional meetings including recommendations on how to move forward. This will be shared with the membership

Provincial Issues--March-April 2015

Provincial Budget - UNSM provided a summary of the Provincial Budget. A copy of the document is available by clicking here.

Physician Recruitment and Retention - The Province released its Physician Recruitment and Retention Action Team Report in 2014. Mayor Bob Taylor from the County of Colchester served as the UNSM representative. One of the report recommendations was the development of a best practice toolkit which could be used by all communities in their recruitment efforts. This recommendation is where municipal leaders can have a significant impact by building collaborative relationships, connecting new physicians with engaged community members, and fostering a welcoming environment. For a copy of the report, click the following here.

Upcoming Workshops/Events--March-April 2015

  • UNSM Spring Workshop – May 6 – 8, 2015, White Point Beach Resort, Region of Queens Municipality, NS
  • UNSM Regional meeting:  Valley - County of Kings - May 13, 11:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.
  • NS Planning Directors Association Annual Conference - May 27-29, Lord Nelson Hotel,  Halifax. This year’s theme is “Planning for One Nova Scotia”. For more information, click the following link: http://www.nspda.ca/conference.html.
  • FCM Annual Conference and Trade Show - June 5-8 - Shaw Conference Centre, Edmonton, AB. For more information click the following: https://www.fcm.ca/home/events/annual-conference-and-trade-show.htm.

Federal Issues--March-April 2015

National Disaster Mitigation Program - Proposals due June 30 for 2015/16 funding.  The federal government announced April 20 it is now accepting proposals for projects aimed at address rising flood risks and costs, and building the foundation for informed mitigation investments that could reduce, or even negate, the effects of flood events in the future.  Budget 2014 earmarked $200 million over five years, Canada wide.  Eligible categories are risk assessments; flood mapping; mitigation planning; and non-structural or small scale structural mitigation projects.  More information can be found by clicking here.

FCM:  Nominations for Board members, Deadline May 19--Those interested in becoming an FCM Board member for 2015/16 are invited to submit their nomination forms by May 19.   There are two Nova Scotia positions to be elected.  The nomination form includes Council approval to cover expenses.   Board members are expected to attend three board meetings (September 9-12 in Fredericton; November 17-20 in Ottawa; March 1-4 In Sherbrooke, Quebec) and the annual conference June 3-6 in Winnipeg.  For information, click here.