e-News Bulletin - June 2012

President's Message


Deputy Warden Jimmy MacAlpine

I am pleased to announce that the Towns Task Force has completed its draft report which was e-mailed to all members. The report, "A Path to Municipal Viability", was developed from the PowerPoint presentations given at the regional meetings as well as the Spring Workshop. It incorporated feedback received during these sessions. We ask that you review this important document and provide comments to the UNSM office by July 31, 2012. Please respond as a Council rather than as individual councillors. Once feedback is received, the Task Force will amend, as appropriate, and submit it to the UNSM Board.  The final report will be presented at the Fall Conference in September. A special thank you to the Task Force members for a job well done. For a copy of the draft report, click here (702 kB).

The Fiscal Review Steering Committee met for the first time on June 14. The Committee consists of the UNSM Executive (President, Vice President, Past President and three Caucus Chairs) along with seven provincial deputy ministers representing Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal, Education, Community Services, Economic and Rural Development and Toursim, Finance, Environment, and Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations. The Committee authorized the work of the Working Group who will be meeting over the summer to review programs and begin working on the deliverables identified in the terms of reference.

Payments in Lieu of Property Taxes - Canada's Top Court Sides with Halifax Regional Municipality

In a decision released on June 15, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled in HRM’s favour regarding the municipality’s long-standing position that Citadel Hill should make payments in lieu of property taxes in accordance with the hill’s assessed value.

Funding for Infrastructure Should Come from Canadians Who Use It: University of Calgary Study

Concerns over how Canada will be able to meet its mounting transportation infrastructure needs have been exacerbated by recent government belt-tightening. In a report released by The School of Public Policy and Van Horne Institute on June 7, author Brian Flemming argues that it is infrastructure users who should be shouldering the financial burden of new projects or upgrades.

Nova Scotia 911 Service Gets New Technology

June 20, 2012

Nova Scotia's 911 system received a $2-million technology and equipment upgrade on June 19. The 911 fund, supported by a 43-cent contribution from Nova Scotians for each of their phone lines, paid for the upgrade.

Nova Scotia Collaborates on Civic Engagement Webinar for Persons with Disabilities

The province is partnering to deliver a webinar to help make municipal elections more accessible for persons with disabilities and encourage more people to take part in the democratic process.

New Report Finds That the More Diverse a Board, the Better it Works

The report, "Leadership Diversity in the Non-profit Sector: Baby Steps, Big Strides, and Bold Stances", released on June 7, finds that even in small amounts, leadership diversity contributes meaningfully to the performance of non-profit boards.

Nova Scotia Study Reveals Youth Physical Activity and Eating Habits

A study of more than 1,500 students released on June 7 will better inform government on addressing the rise in obesity and preventable chronic disease among youth.

Green Provincial Report Card Released by Corporate Knights

Corporate Knights released its third bi-annual Green Provincial Report Card on June 11, 2012, with Ontario and British Columbia leading the pack in the race to become Canada's greenest province or territory. Nova Scotia ranked seventh with a grade of B minus.

Areas of Cumberland County Receiving Wilderness Protection

The province is making the largest addition to its protected areas system since 1998 with the designation of Kelley River and Raven Head in Cumberland County as the newest wilderness areas.

Provincial Report Aimed at Protecting Watersheds

Nova Scotia will be better able to protect water resources with a watershed assessment report released on June 22, by the province and Dalhousie University.

Summer Stock: Using Your Extra Time in the Summer to Put Your Life in Order - Shepell•fgi

As the summer approaches and vacation plans begin to take shape, it can be tempting to try to fit a month of activities into a week. Even though the summer months usually bring extra time we don't often make the best of it. While packed itineraries can take their toll and leave you wishing for another vacation, being unproductive can leave you feeling unprepared to rejoin the 'real world' at the end of your hiatus. This summer, balance out activities with downtime, making room for tasks you put off during the busier months.

The Green ToolBox - For Growing Sustainable Municipalities

From UNSM’s Municipal Sustainability Office June 2012

maple leafFor more information about the initiatives included in the Green Toolbox, please contact Debbie Nielsen, Municipal Sustainability Coordinator at 423-8312 or e-mail: .

Green Toolbox - Events - June 2012

Workshop On Coastal Issues & Opportunities And Blue Flag Certification For Your Municipality

July 18 From 1 To 4 Pm
Alderney Gate Library, Helen Creighton Room

Blue Flag Certification LogoYou are invited to a workshop on coastal issues and opportunities, and Blue Flag certification in Nova Scotia.  Blue Flag is a highly respected and recognized international eco-label for beaches and marinas that has recently arrived in Nova Scotia.  Join us to discuss what the arrival of Blue Flag in Nova Scotia could mean for your coast and municipality. 

Green Toolbox - Resources - June 2012

Call For 2013 Fcm Sustainable Communities Awards Nominations 

The FCM Sustainable Communities Awards offers national recognition for initiatives that demonstrate environmental responsibility and excellence. Eligible participants include municipal governments and their private-sector partners. Joint submissions are welcome.