Building Canada Fund

  • Nova Scotia and Canada are currently negotiating the Small Communities Fund (SCF) Agreement, which is part of the New Building Canada Fund. Through the SCF, Nova Scotia and Canada will each provide one-third cost sharing of $42.6 million. To facilitate project starts in 2015/16, Nova Scotia has initiated a call for applications. Please note, no projects will be approved prior to the signing of the Canada-Nova Scotia SCF Agreement.
    Eligible applicants under SCF include Nova Scotia municipalities and villages with a population under 100,000. For this round of applications, only one application will be accepted from each eligible applicant. Further information on funding categories, eligible project costs, and a general program overview can be found by clicking here
    The Province asks you to ensure your priority project falls within the eligible project categories and can be initiated within the next 3 fiscal years (ie. 15/16, 16/17, or 17/18). Applications will be accepted until midnight on December 19, 2014.  The downloadable application form and details on the application process are available on the Municipal Affairs website: click here.