Board Members for 2015-2016

UNSM Board of Directors—2015-2016


President:                                       Councillor Claire Detheridge, Cape Breton Regional Municipality
Vice-President:                               Councillor Laurie Murley, Town of Windsor 
Immediate Past-President:             Warden Keith Hunter, County of Cumberland 
Regional Caucus Chair:                   Councillor Bill Karsten, Halifax Regional Municipality 
Rural Caucus Chair:                         Mayor Don Downe, District of Lunenburg 
Town Caucus Chair:                         Mayor Pam Mood, Town of Yarmouth 
Regional Caucus Representative Councillor Clarence Prince, Cape Breton Regional Municipality 
Regional Caucus Representative:     Councillor Jennifer Watts, Halifax Regional Municipality 
Rural Caucus Representative:           Warden Linda Gregory, District of Digby 
Rural Caucus Representative:           Vacant
Town Caucus Representative:           Mayor Paul Beazley, Town of Windsor 
Town Caucus Representative:           Mayor David Walker, Town of Bridgewater 
AMA Representative:                       Mr. Greg Herrett, CAO, Town of Amherst